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Thai Noodle Dishes

The sheer complexity of Thai Noodle (kuaytiaw) repertoire created headaches for some chefs. Noodles can be made of three different ingredients: rice flour paste (kuaytiaw called when steamed or boiled when Khanom Jin and forced through a sieve), wheat flour (baa Mii) or mung bean flour Oil (Woon Sen).

They come in various widths: W (twine), thin (thin) and very thin (Sen Mii) can be fried noodles (fried), doused in hot water for a while and eat dry (dry) or served with water. Soup (water), they can be eaten with gravy (RAD NAA ), the baby fish or meat (Luk Chin) or sauce curry dish (do not NAM), not to mention all the flavors do - It - Yourself you have to. Choose addition to the standard of what food you order.

Thai Noodles
Most foreigners do not know the actual name of all their food at Pad Thai is my favorite Thai kuaytiaw not just pad thai, they do not know what to do as good as it was not wet or But it is a paradise of some combination of soft and fresh or dried shrimp fried noodles, tofu, eggs, balls, garlic or scallion and bean sprout early.

Ba Mii

Those who like myself find a bit of the Naam kuaytiaw jeut should try kuaytiaw khii plate of fried noodles actual contract for a drunkard.

Made with soft twine, meat or fish, lots of fresh basil leaves and chili, it should be lots of spicy enough to wake everyone to taste the eye. Khanom Jin were the main restaurant is less expensive and roadside shops across the country dedicated exclusively to this dish.

Pad Thai
Initial offers of the winding one or two of "sweets of China" and the full ladle curry fish spicy, or sometimes Kaeng day kiow, look ridiculous unless you have a full bowl of your blanched bean sprouts, sauerkraut or sweet basil. Fresh and Other green leafy vegetables include many of the type you choose.

Would be the dish Pad Thai The most famous of which is sometimes sold as low as 10 baht (Khao San Road in Bangkok)

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