Monday, April 4, 2011

Thailand Street Food

You can literally find food in every market and on every corner in Thailand. It is even cheaper than eating in a restaurant and is the best choice for budget travelers. You can try as many new things as you can stomach and the fare ranges from stir fry to deep fried insects and spiders. There are BBQ carts everywhere offering different meats, tofu, and seafoods on a wooden skewer which sells for around US 40 cents.

To avoid a bad stomach, these follow the golden rule of street food.

Thai Street Food (Grill Chicken)
- Eat only what is cooked in front of you - especially to the street barbecue This ensures that the meat does not sit in the sun all day. The owner may protest and try to hand you one of dozens that always seem ready. But inevitably, they want to sell your new and will be cooking for you.

- Eat only in busy places. Places that do not enjoy many visits may be a mixture of old, they refused to throw out.

- If there are no more seats to move away from the eating area ... it may be cleaner and much less exciting.

Thailand Street Food (Fruit)
Despite the nature of food street is usually quite safe and completely delicious. Shop the market turmoil with people shouting orders and Clank pot, heat oil and heat.

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