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Brief Description Of Thailand Food And Thailand Culture

It is beyond doubt that food is part of any congregation became part of a social occasion or reason to celebrate themselves. Typically, the Western culture, which is the normal food in a restaurant that contains the main dish and dessert start. But in Thailand itself is a bit different about Thai food is not just for one dish. Current is a general collection shares the same plate together. So, better than a lot of guests around a table together than to enjoy one or two foods alone is unfortunate in the country.

One of the great things about Thai food is that they never leave leftovers out, as they view it as ominous and do enraging to muse 'god of rice,' in general there are four flavors in Thai food, sweet salty a sour and spicy. Food is satisfied only when it has all four flavors. Most Thai dinner, including meat, fish, noodles and vegetable soup, followed by desserts, including fresh fruit and rice cakes with color. Besides food snackers include chicken or beef satay, spring rolls, fresh salads with spicy dips and desserts are

Thai Food Culture
Thai culture.
Thai culture is highly influenced by Buddhism not only affected some parts of Hinduism and other South East Asian neighbors. Thai art is primarily included in the Thai culture. Buddha is the main component in the time difference with the distinction. Today, fusion of traditional art with modern techniques. India has also placed a great influence on Thai literature. This will include working most famous story of Ramayana, the Indian version of the epic, the Ramayana's poetry Soonthornphu also quite famous in Thailand

Drama did not give any importance in Thailand, but with Thai dance, drama divided into three division, silicate and masked forms of payment shadows, her character, was popular among southern Thailand Folk music and classical music, both are important in addition to pop music.

In addition, one of Customs jointly included in Thailand as rattan, seemed generally similar to the Indian Namaste kind and generous in Thailand pay more respect and pay homage to the elders of their own, as is the core of their faith and beliefs. the spirit of them. Seeking blessings from the elderly is a mark of respect.

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