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Thailand food

Few years ago, Thai food is caused by the shadow that will take place at the right of it along with the excellent food of the world, including China, France and Italy. Everyone around the world have become used to the taste of lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves and Thai basil in most Western cities, we can find a popular restaurant serving Thai green curry and red.

Papaya salad and spicy soup (Tom Yum), but definitely a good place to sample the full range and depth of this great food in Thailand itself.

In fact, Thai food is not really a food. But four Southern, Central, Northern and Eastern Nort and the Thai people have never shy, has been borrowing from neighbors and nearby countries other examples, such as food of northern Thailand has been heavily influenced by food of the people. Lao and Thai food is very popular, was originally led by China, Chaozhou. But adjusted to meet local tastes and ingredients.

Thai Street Food
Thai cooks for balance in their food and even Thai food is famous worldwide for its spiciness that is only part of the picture. Cooking aimed unity of flavors and textures within individual dishes and the food and all attempts to include spicy, salty, sweet and sour, sometimes bitter.

Thai food is often used fork and spoon and fork to push food onto a spoon and then transferred to the mouth. Chopsticks are only used to eat noodles. Do not use knives at the table.

Papaya Salad
While Southeast Asia is a key ingredient in Thai cooking is fish or fish sauce. This will be used in the same way with soy sauce in Chinese food and is used both as an ingredient in dips and other foods served with sticky rice (glutinous rice) is popular, especially in the north. Thai long grain rice, but also famous with justice.

With its long coastline, it should be no surprise that seafood is the place to take a lot of Thai food without The first meal I ever ate in Thailand has been fixed in my memory. Restaurants can not exceed a few tables on the side of the road, Bangkok, and my choice by pointing to another diner food. Fried fish with spicy tamarind sauce comes. Definition of sensitive fish and sauce slightly bitter oblivion. But possibly the best food I ever had to eat all that is on a beautiful island in Thailand. In a small restaurant beach abandoned companion and I ordered appetizer crab from the waiter / chef, he disappeared behind the rock at the end of the beach and just as we think he ran, he reappeared dripping wet crab He caught a big bundle only. He cooked it and served us very tasty fresh crab curry very spicy. The heat of the chili is perfectly balanced with jasmine rice and cooked perfectly sweet crab meat. We washed it down with a bottle of Singha beer or three in the country and see the sun set perfectly calm sea.

Thai food in general will include soups, curries, fried and steamed foods may be some dips and salads available all at the same time with a bowl of rice. Variety is the key - ingredient in the food color, and how surface

Visitors to Thailand should be a point of sampling street food, especially in big cities such as Bangkok .. wherever you can find a impromptu fried, grilled, food, stewing and poaching of every detail. Choice is not limited to, but on the whims of skills and cooking - Pancake, etc. satay kebabs style fishcakes, And look out for the grilled insects on offer, especially in the north! Fried locusts, crickets, larvae of bees and silk worms. They are taste, texture and taste more like a little popcorn with chili

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