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Discovering Thai Cuisine

If you've never tried before, you may think Thai food tastes a lot like other foods in Asia, while it is not the Chinese and East Indian influences, it also has unique self-isolated, it significantly from food service in neighboring countries. Thai food consists of four regional food.And is known for its balanced taste fresh and smell great.

Thailand happens to be the number one rice exporter in the world and as such, and Rice. (Especially rice, the fragrant jasmine) is the staple food of the people. While the Western general principles to the meat along with side dishes and several kinds of bread and vegetables, Thai food usually consists of dishes with the base of rice or noodles with fresh herbs, vegetables and meat or a mixture of meat. . Thai food there are five flavors: sweet, salty, sour and spicy spinach What makes Thai food unique is that it balances all of these flavors harmoniously as a single dish.

Thai Cuisine
Some of the vegetables, the most common found in Thai food, including onions, cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts, eggplant, zucchini, green beans, celery, and mushrooms, meat, popular in Thai food, including seafood, such as Shrimp, mussels, fish and shellfish, pork, chicken and duck also has been used very Tofu instead of meat made from soy are also more frequent.

Unlike many other foods that use dried herbs and spices, Thai cooking using fresh ingredients available. One of the main flavoring agent used is a good sauce, called "Fish" has many food production lines, oyster sauce or shrimp paste. In general, shrimp paste, a combination of shrimp paste and salt. Other ingredients you find in Thai food include lemon juice, pineapple, pepper, curry, garlic, basil, lemongrass, coconut milk, soy sauce and peanut sauce, peanuts, cashew nuts, mint leaves, coriander leaves and roots, galangal (similar to. but delicate ginger flavor).

One of the most important food to the people of southern and central part of Thailand is a soup that they serve over steamed jasmine rice. While Indian cuisine is known for curries, Thai curries are very different. They cooked the amount of time shorter than the Indian and Thai versions use more garlic and fresh herbs, while the Indians used dried spices. In addition, Indian curries tend to be dry, while the Thai Curry holds more liquid, making them more like soup. Thai food you will find milk curry and coconut water under a red, yellow and green curry is the most famous variety of coconut milk. In general, Thai curry paste consists of red pepper, fresh garlic, lemongrass, kaffir lime, fresh turmeric, shrimp paste, coriander, and while Curry is known for its spiciness of the amount of heat that does not vary depending on the type of soup of your choice.

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