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Thai Vegetarian Food and healthy thai food

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to vegetarian food due to growing interest in maintaining health and in the healing quality of meat-free diets; this in addition to long-standing religious reasons. Vegetarians differ in the degree to which animal products are restricted in their diets.

Vegans eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, sesame, cereals and consume neither egg nor milk and other dairy products. Some also abstain from spices and certain spicy vegetables, such as garlic and onion.

A second type of vegetarian consumes milk and dairy products. However, there are some vegetarians who eat eggs and drink milk but do not consume other dairy products.

Vegetarian Thai Food
But before they are in doubt as questions remain current. - "Thai food, gluten free or not" and "Thai Food Fattening?"; Take the initiative and decision making healthy Thai food. Because we have found that most of the questions - '? Thai food is healthy ', it is important to note that not all Thai food recipes healthy. Consumption of diet to health in any way illegal and excessive amount, it will be harmful to your health and it is the same with Thai food. So when you are at every Thai restaurant choices the better, as described below.

But the spring rolls and wonton soup, hot and sour soup is always selected for health, including shrimp, mushrooms and other herbs are simmered in hot soup - N - instead of sour recipe Pad Thai, fried shrimp with herb use. Instead of heavy beef dish, choose shrimp and scallops with fried mushrooms and vegetables like zucchini, and some herbs. However, fried fish with sweet sauce - N - sour selected for shellfish steamed with garlic and herb sauce. Do not Buy Thai vegetable fried rice and egg fried rice recipe rather opt for fried mixed vegetables. In addition to avoiding the high bean thread noodles in the carbohydrate Always be non-potato curry. Foods with sweet sauce, oyster sauce - N - sour should be consumed in moderation. These are the best steps you can take to reduce calories in thai food.

Instead of worrying about such questions. - 'A healthy Thai food?' I think it is better to opt for healthy diet and limit the number of Thai rice and noodles, and Thai food or care in addition there is the best.

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