Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to Cook with Lemongrass

Cook with lemongrass
Lemongrass is a plant that is growing stalky lemony smell in hot weather most notably in South East Asia Ingredients for cooking Thai Lemongrass to taste and smell generally zesty lemon and lime juice to food, many Thai (or lemon) can substitute lemon grass in a pinch. But the Orange can not repeat, especially with quality.

Lemon grass is thought to have many health benefits, especially when used in conjunction with other Thai spices such as garlic, chilli and fresh coriander (For more about the health benefits of lemongrass and other ingredients of Thailand see: Thai Food Good For You?) In fact, scientists are studying soup favorite Thai: Spicy shrimp with all the herbs and spices with lemon grass The main players. Tom is thought to be combatting colds, flus, and cancer, some (To Make Tom Yum soup at home, my own view Easy Tom Yum Soup Recipe.).

When viewing the grass rhizomes buy for companies (not soft or rubber, which means that it is outdated) lower shaft should be pale yellow (almost white) color, while the rhizome is green (If not buy a shell or outer leaves brown) fresh lemon grass is often sold in groupings of 3-4 rhizomes, corms secure with elastic band around one foot length (or more) for fresh lemongrass in the grocery store. countries or Asian markets. If you can not find fresh produce and check the fridge - grass rhizome is sold in frozen packets.

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