Monday, September 27, 2010

Thai snacks you want to eat

Thai people love snacking in general. They usually while away vacant time munching and nibbling an array of sweet and savoury food items, including fruits, nuts, and desserts. This is evidenced by the exotic snacks being prepared and sold at Thai restaurants and food stalls.

Savoury snacks for Thais include "hmu ping" and insects. Hmu ping is grilled, skewered pork that becomes a delicious dark brown when the marinade mixes with the meat juices and caramelises. It is sold by the stick at relatively affordable prices. It is ideal to be eaten with sticky rice. Insects, on the other hand, include grasshoppers, crickets, silkworm pupas, water beetles, and flying termites that are deep fried and sprayed with fish sauce. They may look awful to most people, but some claim they taste good.

Khao niaw ma muang

Meanwhile, notable sweet snacks in Thailand include "khao niaw ma muang" or mango and sticky rice, and "khanom" or pastry. Thai sweets are tasty and satisfying in themselves. When you visit Thailand, the mango and sticky rice pair will surely become your favourite. This is available throughout the year, specifically in spring and summer when mangoes are abundant. Sticky rice is sweetened, and then cooked with coconut milk. It is then served with fresh mango slices on top. On the one hand, Thai pastries called khanom is quite varied that even Thais can hardly recognise them all. The trick is to look for a variety that smells and looks right for you. You may experiment by eating several types to find a personal favourite. Khanom is cleverly shaped and cooked inside small pastry tins or in sheets, which are later cut into squares. It is made of rice flour, bean paste, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, peanuts, sesame seeds, etc.

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