Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Favorite Thai Food

I was thinking of providing a comprehensive of "foods found in Thailand" list but decided there are just too many and listing the foods that I love most would be far easier. So... The list below provides a short list of my favorite Thai foods.

Fried Rice - I love Thai style pork fried rice for breakfast. This is basic fried rice with tomatoes, onions with Thai spices like lime and chili thrown in at the end.

Thai Omelet - The Thai omelet is simple but delicious dish made of eggs, chili, onions, pork and other things as desire. The chilies make it spicy and Thai. The omelet is served with white rice.

Som tum or papaya salad

Som tum or papaya salad - som tum is a spicy salad consisting mostly of shredded fresh papaya with tomatoes, chilies, garlic, lime juice, and fish sauce. Thais love this dish SPICY, so be careful.

Hoi Tod

Hoi tod - hoi tod is a mixture of egg and mussels (or oysters) pan fried with spices, namely white pepper. This is served over a bed of fresh bean sprouts. This is often made on the street and I like mine cooked crispy.

Lab moo

Lab moo or Ground pork salad - this is browned ground pork with chilies, fish sauce, tomato sauce with chopped shallots mixed in before served. This is often served with instant noodles. This is another HOT dish so, again, be careful.

Wing Bean Salad

Wing bean salad - This very similar to the dish above but tends to have more of a tomato base and chopped fresh wing bean are added and lightly cooked at the end. Very tasty.

Glass Noodle Salad

Glass noodle salad - glass noodles are made of green bean, are very thin, and absorb the flavor of the accompanying foods very nicely.

Fried Sea Fish

Fried grouper - this a simple deep fried sea fish dish. What makes it on my favorite is the condiment they serve with it. The English name is seafood sauce and it is made with finely chopped green chilies and garlic in fish sauce. It is very spicy and delicious.

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