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Seasoning in Thai Food

Thai food is often delicious. In addition to the main ingredient used in Thai cooking. Whether it is meat or vegetable sauce also plays an important role in adding flavor. Therefore, one should know and become a major support from all the popular flavors in Thai cooking, as described below.

Sweet: sweet taste found in some Thai food can come naturally from some of the meat are used, and partly by adding a sweetener to add other flavors. The key is, of course, a sweetener of sugar that comes in many forms, including refined sugar, palm sugar and brown sugar. A different kind of brown with different levels of sweetness, the type of sugar that affects the overall taste of the food.

Season in Thai Food

Refined sugar is sweet and sharp and does not change the color of the food. On the other hand, palm sugar is sweeter and milder in for food with coconut milk When the melt has been heated and added to Thai food or even cook a pot noodle Thai spicy "Palo", palm sugar to improve taste and increase the aroma of their food. Brown sugar in a powder form suitable for certain types of foods and desserts. But another type of sugar is sugar derived from palm cake and palm sugar boiled and ladled into pieces and then left to dry.

Salinity: Salinity in Thaifood from fish sauce and salt. Fish sauce is added to the main dish, not only. But for salty taste. But also as a unique odor. In addition, fish sauce, salt, soy sauce and other sauces to be used in Thai cooking time depends on the food or setting up a cooking

Sour: sour mainly from adding lime juice, tamarind water, lime or vinegar. Acid used in cooking must be carefully selected to compliment each dish. For example, when making salad dressing, lime juice, should smell of it. Tamarind sweet and sour mix with other suitable foods with palm sugar as a sweetener in order to enhance the flavor of the food. Lime, lime juice, used in some foods that need to smell it. When mixed with lime juice and vegetable broth, sour, it used to be much better flovor.

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