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Fruit drink in Thailand

Strange fruit drinks made in northern Thailand are many and many of them it may be impossible for visitors to sample their But they are all worth try. Fruit is the main source of food consumption in Thailand and also the main export variety of fruit drinks appeared in the form of pure fruit juice concentrate mixed with fresh water and even a key component in Some bottled water.

This is how fast a variety of fruits in Thailand that is used in beverages: bananas, guava, papaya, orange, pineapple, grape, watermelon, cantaloupe, coconut, lychee, longan, mango, rambutan, Gooseberries, Strawberry. Berries, apples, and Rose. Tamarind apple, lemon and orange and the other is very unique and innovative.

Some time in May expanded fruit such as melon, mango and rambutan lynchee the most abundantly harvested between May and August than other fruits throughout the year.

Thai Fruit
By the time August to the famous longan (Longan) effects appear, especially in Lamphun (Located south of Chiang Mai) major annual festival is held in honor of the fruit.

If you notice, you will see results more than stand selling bunches of bananas kg of orange, pineapple, all (Or cut you if you want), and other fruits that you may not have seen before. You will see a small area along the road in both urban and remote areas with a color range transparent liquid tank what? They are the type of fruit native to Thailand and there are great thirst quenchers - especially in summer between March and July.

Let's look closer at half a dozen fruit and juice are available for the happiness of you here in the north and some of these reasons, the importance of Thai life. They do not drink only However, most Thai people, and they may give you as well.

Banana is the main basic areas in Thailand and local banana (Banana Thai) was recorded in the Pali Buddhist canon around 2,600 years ago and that has made the region of Southeast Asia, all the rest of the world.

Twenty-eight banana cultivars grown in Thailand alone. But three of these are common: dangerous, Naam Wah Nong Khai and the fruits of Thailand climate for the growth of plants and banana trees, although large quantities are exported in large banana harvest is consumed in Thailand.

Have good reason for this Thai banana to the milk in the West, because bananas are a major source of nutrition for growing children. In the process of weaning children off breast milk to the Thai customs and banana pulp semiliquid mixture.

If you visit Thailand or stay here, you may be quite familiar with 'Banana. Shake 'cool, beverage appetite is off almost anywhere in the country. It made this drink in Thailand, including bananas mashed to pulp in a mortar (Or generators) and mixed with water or milk and crushed ice with a touch of sugar. Try glass by ordering "Banana Bpun".

Guava fruit is sometimes called "hot apple" is a big favorite in Thailand Two types of guava grown in strength and soft, green, red, green species is a native of Southeast Asia, while the red plant from Hawaii. Western red sweet But both used juice and guava, but the better water is 'nectar' consistency of guava are like pears or apples, but is overripe rapid fruit is very sensitive to sunlight and left too long in the sun will become spoiled in a day.

In Western countries is considered foreign fruit and of course Thais see the western as a "Western" for fruit drinks and nectar as nectar is thick and delicious many Western will be surprised rather than high vitamin C than orange juice and therefore also high in iron and calcium. Guava nectar is often mixed with pineapple juice, orange juice and other juice is known to penetrate the wood. (Guava is a "Western name").

Pineapple can be found all over the south of Thailand is very hot all year round. Pineapple varieties, but also in northern Thailand, primarily around the area of Chiang Rai and Lampang Not native to Southeast Asia, pineapple was first made in North America and Europe to Asia through Thailand and Malaysia today, but the two countries grow pineapples in the world's largest.

Pineapple is called the "fruit" this summer means eating pineapple will temporarily increase your body temperature. Have you ever noticed that if you eat pineapple on order - and most of us have at one time or another how much you will get warm. As "the cool" Pineapple excessive skin stretch can affect some people depending on metabolism and volatility normal temperature in the body Young pineapple fruit is sometimes used for extraction of enzyme sub-protein, which is used. is soft. This usually does not do today. But sometimes in the future, scientists may develop some clever enzyme extraction process is fast and effective results at a reasonable price and will have a new soft. (Pineapple juice as "sapalode behalf").

Watermelon is of course most people like As the name suggests is the most water. But watermelon is rich in Vitamin A are not native Southeast Asia. They come in tropical and subtropical Africa and later to Thailand and made the rest of Asia in Thailand, now you can find watermelon and red and yellow varieties most. You can buy half of the watermelon, do not cut or reduce your price a little more.

Try watermelon shake "made from crushed ice, pieces of watermelon and a touch of sugar mixed in the blender. Or how about this matter. Crushed ice, watermelon shake and milk or cream. (Coconut cream is best), watermelon and ice cream are absolutely delicious!

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